Functions Revision

Learning Objectives 1.1.1 Use functional notation to evaluate a function. 1.1.2 Determine the domain and range of a function. 1.1.3 Draw the graph of a function. 1.1.4 Find the zeros of a function. 1.1.5 Recognize a function from a table of values. 1.1.6 Make new functions from two or more given… Read More »Functions Revision

Multi Disciplines Quizzes

Multi Disciplines Quizzes A new multi disciplines quizzes application, multi disciplines and multi levels quizzes, multiplayers challenge, daily new updated questions, leaderboard, 4 help tools during any level (50/50, ask audience, get more time, skip question), keep right answers and get coins, refer a friend,… Read More »Multi Disciplines Quizzes

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