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Multi Disciplines Quizzes

Multi Disciplines Quizzes

A new multi disciplines quizzes application, multi disciplines and multi levels quizzes, multiplayers challenge, daily new updated questions, leaderboard, 4 help tools during any level (50/50, ask audience, get more time, skip question), keep right answers and get coins, refer a friend, and much more.

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Multi Disciplines Quizzes Application features:

  • Comprehensive quizzes of various scientific disciplines, multiple levels and difficulty.
  • General information, English language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, engineering, medical sconce, philosophy and logic, legal sciences, administration and economics, and more.
  • Specialized abilities and skills tests for individuals, companies, and academic and professional scientific institutions, with the possibility of obtaining success certificates from the Multi Disciplines Research and Studies Center in some of the tests approved by the Center (you can contact the center for more information).
  • Questions suitable for all age groups, adults and children, school and university students, compatible with remote education methods.
  • Entertaining scientific competitions and challenges with family, colleagues and friends online or with the computer, or test yourself in any specialty or field at any time, daily refresher tests.
  • Leaderboards in the daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards.
  • 4 Help tools for each level:
  1. Delete two answers
  2. Ask audience (depends on statistics of other users’ answers to the same question)
  3. Increase the time available to answer
  4. Skip the question

How to register in the application:

  • Register a new account using e-mail with a password.
  • A verification email will be sent to you, open the message and click on the mail verification link.
  • Log in to the game using the mail and password you specified.


  • You can sign in using your google Gmail or Facebook account.

In case that you encounter any problem registering the account, make sure to check the mail properly, or update or even uninstall and reinstall the application to make sure you have the latest version.

How to use:

The app provides four basic options on the homepage, namely:

  • Start a Quiz: To start a new test in any of the specializations available in the application, the required specialization or field is chosen from the list of specializations, then the required level is chosen.
  • Start a Challenge: This feature provides for starting a new challenge with a competitor who is using the application randomly anywhere around the world. The probability of meeting two competitors increases when they click on the search for a competitor button simultaneously. The computer can also be challenged.
  • Challenge yourself: This feature provides the ability to challenge the user himself in one of the scientific disciplines, with the ability to specify the number of questions and the specific time for the challenge.
  • The daily test: It is a test that is placed on a daily basis, and it contains new questions that coincide with religious and national occasions and holidays, such as religious questions in the month of Ramadan or Christmas, for example.

Additional features:

  • Whenever the user goes through various quizzes and challenges, he is given a number of coins, the increase in the percentage of his success in any quiz increases, and these coins can be used in exchange for obtaining the help tools available in each level of the tests when needed.
  • The application provides the ability to obtain more coins if the user invite friends to use the application, by using his referral code.
  • The competitors are ranked in the leaderboard, and this list is updated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • The application provides some different usage options, such as background music, vibration, sound accompanying the result, and other settings that suit each user.